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Maj.  Jim Staggers,

US Army Indiana National Guard Deputy State Chaplain

     Click to Read and Download ————->  Forward onto victory          

“Entitled “Forward onto Victory.”  This final address to the Military community details a unique enlistment serving as an armed combatant for twelve years.  Within he provides a systematic analysis of the current re-alignments needed for dynamic victory within the global community.”

“A stirring testimonial to individual awareness, Providing hope, ensuring unity with great diversity to every generation of local national no matter the country of origin.  SGT. John Edmiston describes the importance of  individual accountability for comprehension with intention breaking free from Ignorance.”  – The W.


The Following Peices are Inspirational for a renewed walk of Faith

Click to Read and Download—> The Parable of the young shepherd     

Click to Read and Download—> Farewell address to the Churches of Indiana  


The Trilogy  “Of Faith, Arisen Walking the Path”

Please download, print, proceeding to read with comprehension.  Open-source truths promoting unity with great diversity to all humanity.

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                                                                        Volume One: 

Click to Read and Download—>  Walking the path of the 21st century 1st edition

                                                                        Volume Two: 

Click to Read and Download—>  Area Assessment_ Human Condition 1st edition

                                                                        Volume Three:

Click to Read and Download—> Choices of Will, 1st edition


 The Following Creative Writing Peices one through six contain Language approriate for 18+

This Musical album is Split into 2 diffrent sections:  Songs to the heavenly Sactuary  and Creative Writing Peices.  the above advisory is for the creative Writing Peices only. 

Click to Read and Download—>  Rebirth, the second renaissnace, 1st edition

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